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No Cost Business Counseling
Here are a few of the ways we counsel your business on government and military contracting.

Workshops & Events

Supercharge your business’ government contracting potential by participating in our regular training events and workshops.

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Businesses will gain invaluable insights and strategies from experts who understand the process and can break down the ins and outs of government contracting step by step.

1-on-1 Counseling

Our comprehensive one-on-one counseling sessions are designed to support Indiana businesses interested in government contracting, including how to identify and target appropriate local, state and federal agencies.

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During these sessions, your business will learn more about the services we provide and  determine if government contracting is the right path. If government contracting is chosen, we can assist in reviewing the company-specific marketing strategy to position your company for maximum visibility and success.

GSA Schedules

Navigate the complexities of GSA Schedules, to ensure you are making informed decisions about whether the program is appropriate for your business to register.

Assistance with Federal Regulations & Military Specifications

Guiding your business through the intricate web of local, state, and federal government regulations, including Military Specifications (MIL-SPECs) and Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR), ensuring your operations align with the requirements.

Bid-Matching Service

Comprehensive bid-matching program matches your company’s offerings with government entities actively seeking to purchase. Gain a competitive edge by accessing insights into government award histories, unveiling previously purchased products or services and their corresponding prices.

Product & Procurement Histories

Stay one step ahead by gaining access to comprehensive technical descriptions and insightful background information on products with national stock numbers (NSN).

Capability Statements

A government capability statement is essentially a resume for your business. Assistance with the development and review of a tailored government capability statement helps you stand out.

Certification & Registration Assistance

The Certification & Registration process can be daunting. Thankfully, our team is here to make it easy and navigate it for you.

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We’ll help get your business up and running with government entities more quickly and efficiently. Plus, APEX counselors help identify if your business is eligible for set-aside programs and provide dedicated support in obtaining the necessary certifications for them.

Subcontracting Assistance

Identify and connect your business with potential sub-contracting prospects, helping you expand your network in or outside the state of Indiana.

Proposal Preparation

While we cannot draft your business’s proposal, our dedicated team will provide valuable recommendations every step of the process.

Defense Industrial Base Expertise

Serve as the axis for existing and new businesses to strengthen the defense industrial base. Serve innovative firms seeking non-traditional contracts and research and design funding.

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This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense.
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